We offer complete solutions for the beverage industry in various segments such as mineral water, juices, teas, energy drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits. In addition to the beverage industry to solutions, Zegla has specialized departments for industry segments of food, chemicals, agrochemicals and household cleaning.

Our equipment meet production lines which start from 400 units per minute, amounts exceeding 80,000 units per hour of production can be in packaging PET bottles, glass or aluminum cans and tinplate. Among our solutions are: storage tanks, xaroparias, brewing rooms, conveyors (empty bottles and full / packages / boxes / bales / pallets), despaletizadoras, desencaixotadoras, blow molding of PET bottles, rinser, filling, tampadores, labeling, packers, wrappers, palletizers and pallet wrappers.


Founded in 1982, began operations under the name of Zegla Reclaimer Machines and the recovery time was dedicated and construction equipment for wine, vinegar, rum and mineral water, besides the construction of machines for cutting industries of semiprecious stones and processing of apples and garlic. Over the years specialized in manufacturing bottling lines, machinery and high-tech components for beverage industries in general, food and transportation. In the 90s changed the name to MACHINERY INDUSTRY ZEGLA BEVERAGE LTDA, is currently developing solutions with competitive technology producing equipment according to the needs of the traditional or special traffic jams market.


Solutions with competitive technology for customers with quality, profitability, respect for the environment and social responsibility.